Flight Dynamic Model

All points have only been tested with Prepar3D v2.4 – They might also work (maybe in another way) with another sim or another version but I won’t give any support for other sims/versions than Prepar3D v2.4.
Also be aware that some of these changes might also effect the behavior of other aircrafts!

1. Dynamic Friction
Download DynamicFriction.zip
To get a correct ground friction behavior the already existing „DynamicFriction.lua“ script has been used and its values have been adapted to work with the D-ALPI flight dynamic model (friction coefficients and threshold). You need a full (paid) version of FSUIPC for this script to run. Place it in the „[Sim]\Modules“ folder and add the following lines in your „FSUIPC4.ini“:

1=Lua DynamicFriction

2. PFPX Files
Download PFPXFiles.zip
D-ALPI specific files for realistic flight calculations with PFPX. Place the „Airbus A330-223 PW4168A.txt“ file in your „[Documents]\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes“ folder and the „D-ALPI.txt“ file in your „[Documents]\PFPX Data\Aircraft“ folder.
Get PFPX here

3. JeeHell Files
Download JeeHellFiles.zip
Files for JeeHell FMGS. Values have been tuned to reflect a real A330 flight behavior in my sim according to real videos from the cockpit (e.g. sidestick deflection / roll rate). You might have a different feeling in your sim as the behavior depends on a lot of things that might vary: frame rate, joystick type, joystick feedback force, armrest, etc.

4. sim1.dll
A known problem of FS is the fuel flow calculation. The fuel flow is only based on the thrust (which is in reality not correct) but FS also calculates a „minimum fuel flow“ with a constant that usually cannot be changed. If the thrust calculated fuel flow is below the minimum fuel flow FS takes the minimum fuel flow (if engines are running) which is a constant for the aircraft config. Both values can only be changed independently based on the thrust and on this stupid constant (which usually cannot be changed), other factors are shared by both. Furthermore the idea of a minimum fuel flow is stupid. So the idea is to set the minimum fuel flow constant to 0 to get rid of it. The constant is a hard-coded double number in „sim1.dll“. To change it, simply open the „[Sim]\sim1.dll“ with a hex editor (make a backup first!), search for „A4703D0AD7A3B03F“, replace it with „0000000000000000“ and save it. Now you should see a nice start up fuel flow with fuel flow rising shortly before ignition to 300 kg/h, increasing to around 800 kg/h and decreasing to an idle value of around 700 kg/h.